Health & Wellness June 8, 2020

Can I Take CBD If I’m a Federal Employee?

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill opening a wave of industrial hemp cultivation, CBD has become a cash crop for those looking into manufacturing CBD oil. This golden liquid has been called a revolutionary product that can be used for every ailment under the sun. With long term studies of cannabidiol still undergoing, there is much to learn about what some consider a natural health alternative to traditional medicines and treatment.

Many people incorporate CBD into their daily routines, whether it’s in the form of CBD gummies, CBD oil, infused coffee pods, or topically through a balm or salve on problem areas. It’s easy to find a way to introduce CBD into your life based on your needs and preferences, but there is a specific subset of people who are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Federal employees!

CBD and The FDA

When it comes to federal law, CBD is considered a significant grey area where rules and regulations vary between state lines and rulings, or lack thereof, from the FDA and USDA. This creates conflict for any federal employees seeking relief with cannabidiol. As more CBD products begin flooding the market, policies are remaining strict for federal workers. The Department of Defense, for example, still maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy on all drugs, including CBD. Despite the non-psychoactive effects of cannabidiol, military officials state that CBD carries a risk of containing concentrations of THC due to limited numbers of human studies and a lack of regulation from the FDA.

Official rulings state that industrial hemp must contain >0.3% THC to be harvested and used for CBD oil production and other CBD products. Less than one percent is a minuscule amount, with little to no chance of causing psychoactive effects in a consumer’s body! However, due to the current state of drug testing, many drug tests can test positive for THC even when there are merely trace amounts within a person’s system. A positive drug test for military personnel is essentially a “career-ender.” Whether it’s the Airforce, the Navy, or even NASA, federal employees across the country are told that their jobs can be at stake should they receive a positive result for THC on a drug test.

Although largely unregulated, CBD is not going to be left in the gray for long as the Food and Drug Administration begins its process in developing rules for cannabidiol. Policy regarding CBD continues to move back and forth as public opinion is weighed alongside scientific studies. One of the more significant questions that weigh on the agency’s minds is how CBD can interact with other medications that an employee may be taking. It’s a good question and one that is not easily answered with current studies of the substance.

CBD Oil Policy Under Review

With that in mind, we see some tentative ripples in the water when it comes to federal employees and CBD usage. In a recent Q&A on Twitter by the Federal Bureau of Investigations Newark office, two questions were answered regarding drug usage. The current policy states that applicants must not have consumed marijuana three years before sending in their application, even if they have a licensed medical card or prescription. The FBI responded with the statement that currently, their policy regarding CBD oil was under review. Although this could mean several things with no definite date of evaluation in sight, it is still a start. Reviewing policy is, of course, the first step to actual change.

Another agency that is taking a different approach is the Department of Transportation. Starting February, the department sent out a notification that it would not be testing drivers for CBD. Workers should remain wary of using CBD products due to required testing for marijuana for all safety-sensitive positions, including pilots, trucks and bus drivers, transit operators, train engineers, and aircraft maintenance workers. There are currently no drug tests available for testing the amount of CBD in the body. Federal employees working under the Department of Transportation should exercise caution in taking CBD products.

How To Take CBD As a Federal Employee

Full-spectrum products generally should be taken cautiously if you are a federal employee. Even if you have consumed a full-spectrum CBD product a few days before a drug test, there may still be a chance that you will receive a positive drug test result for THC thanks to trace amounts remaining in the system. Purchasing reputable products that have been third-party tested will ensure that your product is safe and contains the ingredients it says it does. Looking to avoid a false positive for THC? There are several THC-free products on the market, including items like broad-spectrum CBD. Check out our CBD marketplace for great THC-free products today.