Cooking April 22, 2020

CBD Infused Beverages and Drinks

After years of marijuana prohibition, the Farm Bill of 2018 relaxed the regulations surrounding the cultivation of hemp. This bill allowed farmers to grow industrial hemp so long as it followed the criteria of less than 0.3 % THC in each plant. Thanks to that, we’ve had a wave of products flooding the market both online and in store shelves as a growing interest and demand for CBD infused products erupts. Tinctures, beverages, cartridges, balms, and snacks have all been soaring in popularity as word of mouth, and anecdotal evidence spreads about how CBD has helped people in their wellness journey.

In 2020, CBD has become more mainstream, and many are incorporating it into their daily routines and regimens. Some may enjoy tinctures for their ease of use and their swift absorption into the bloodstream. Others may be seeking relief for certain specific issues and may choose a method of CBD based on that. If you are somebody who is looking to relax after a stressful day, then there is a CBD product for you. 

People looking towards more casual use of CBD have opened up the market for infused drinks and beverages with cannabidiol to be available. CBD infused beverages allow many to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD with the ease of drink that they can sip on throughout the day. Whether it’s sparkling water, soda, coffee, or tea, you can feel relaxed and refreshed with the CBD beverage of your choice.

What sort of products are offered? 

The enthusiasm behind hemp products has brought many companies into the green-beverage space, and product lines are expanding into every kind of infused liquid beverage type you can think of. 

Sodas and sparkling waters infused with CBD are relatively common and come in all sorts of flavor combinations for those of us who enjoy a little bubbly in their lives. Some beverages are created with a focus on reaching more niche communities such as fitness and athletics. Drink powder mixes are available as pre-workout or post-workout drinks for people seeking the potential benefits of CBD as a workout recovery aid. 

Energy drinks infused with CBD are also beginning to appear on the market as customers look towards a more natural alternative to what is currently offered on store shelves—looking to avoid high sugar and crash inducing energy drinks? CBD-infused energy drinks might be the product that works for you.

Some other options also include CBD-Infused coffee pods as well as herbal tea blends. Both tea and coffee work the same as their traditional counterparts. Coffee pods add an even greater convenience for those who enjoy a comfortable brewing experience in the morning without breaking their usual routine. Teas can come in prepackaged bags and as loose leaf so that people can enjoy a hot cup during the day or a refreshing glass of iced tea on warmer days.

Can I Make My Own CBD drinks?

Of course! Many people can enjoy the benefits of CBD by just adding oil or tincture into their drinks at home, although some drinks may be easier to infuse than others. If you use full-spectrum oil or tincture products and don’t exactly enjoy the taste, you may find it easier to digest when mixed into your favorite smoothie or shake. This also works for pre-workout drinks that are often chocolate or chocolate mint-flavored, two combinations that can help nullify the more herbaceous tastes of a full-spectrum product. 

Some people also find that adding a broad-spectrum oil or tinctures are more natural to infuse into their morning coffee thanks to their more mild taste. 

Are CBD Beverages Legal?

The FDA’s official stance on the matter is that CBD as a “food additive” is not considered legal. Any food product that is marketed as CBD-infused is deemed to be illegal. However, that has not stopped the popularity of drinks or beverages that contain cannabidiol. They reason that there is a lack of data on the benefits of consuming CBD thanks to limited data caused by years of over-regulation. 

CBD is still considered to be fairly unregulated as neither the FDA nor the USDA has created any official rules or guidelines surrounding the manufacturing of these products. Despite this, both industry experts and CBD companies themselves don’t see a slowdown of CBD beverage or food products in the future. The numbers are growing even in 2020. 

CBD and hemp products have long been dealing with the gray area of legality thanks to waffling on legislature from government officials. That being said, it is essential to do your due diligence and research on the company you are purchasing from. What are their practices? Do they do third-party safety testing? How transparent are they about the manufacturing of their products? These are all things you should be asking before purchasing any CBD product. 

With that in mind, happy drinking!