Pets April 22, 2020

CBD Pet Care Products for Anxiety, Seizures, Nausea, and More

Pets are super prone to stress – a changed picture on the wall, a noise that’s too loud, you never know what might set them off. But just like us, pets are also prone to nausea, seizures, degenerative joint conditions, and even dental disease, just to name a few. CBD, while not a cure, can be helpful in aiding all of these conditions both immediately and over time. Unfortunately, the research behind CBD for pets is slightly lacking, but the good news is that the human endocannabinoid system is incredibly similar to our pets’ therefore the knowledge we have about CBD for ourselves can be loosely applied. Take a look below at our curated list of products  for pets and find out how they might help make life easier for your furry friend.



BUDAPETS Calming Support: Pet anxiety can be worriesome to watch, but fret no more! These calming hemp chews contain an amazing blend of ingredients that work symbiotically to create the ultimate calming effect that works best when taken regularly to promote a generally more calm demeanor. The product contains CBD to calm anxiety, L-Theanine to promote healthy brain stimulation, L-Tryophan to decrease aggressive behaviors, chamomile to further alleviate anxiety, and valerian root extract to ease hypertensive behavior. It truly is  the perfect cocktail to achieve a more blissful pet.

LuxVite CBD Dog Treats: At only 2mg per chew, these are the perfect introductory treats for a pet who might be showing signs of mild anxiety. The low dose of these 100% THC free CBD chews provide the  mild effect of anxiety free behavior without the possibility of overdosing. These chews are also beef flavored, so there’s no need to worry about off-putting smells or tastes from the terpenes contained within this product.








MedTerra Calming Soft Chews: Similarly to the BUDAPETS Calming Support, these MedTerra Soft Chews also contain chamomile and L-Tryophan to decrease anxiety and aggressive behavior. In comparison, though, these treats are a much lower dose and therefore allow you to actively perfect your pet’s dosage rather than potentially giving them too much.



Mary’s Whole Pet Gel Pen: This proprietary designed pen allows for wildly easy application of a healthy dose of CBD directly to your pet. Simply apply on the inner ear and you’re done! The easy application allows for recurring usage without hassle but it also makes applying the gel mid-seizure possible. Of course, applying this during an episode will not stop it immediately, but will allow your pet to resume normal, healthy behavior in quicker turnaround time.

MedTerra Pet 750mg Unflavored Tincture: CBD and THC tinctures are the most common form of aiding patients with epilepsy; why not apply the same principle to your pet? If your little buddy struggles with frequent seizures, try this potent dosage from MedTerra pet. As always, when first starting out, it’s better to under dose the product, but for serious medical conditions a higher concentration like 750mg is eventually recommended.

Pain and Wounds


MedTerra Joint Support Soft Chews: Disguised as peanut butter treats, these joint support soft chews are easy to incorporate into your dog’s routine. MedTerra confirms there is 0% THC present in these treats, so if psychoactive effects are something you’re worried about, have no fear. In fact, it’s comprised of 99% pure organic CBD with a combination of MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin, all of which work symbiotically to promote healthy, active, and pain free joints.


Mary’s Whole Pet Buddy Balm: Humans use CBD ointments to alleviate muscle pain and skin irritation, so if your pet suffers from either, consider doing the same for them! This balm carries 75mg of activated hemp extract designed to deliver instant relief for any type of pain your buddy might experience. Additionally, it’s highly hydrating as it contains a blend of safflower oil, shea butter, beeswax, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to name a few. As a result, not only does it help with pain, but it can also help to solve any painful skin irritations such as dry skin, cracked nose or paws, or any other type of surface wounds.

BUDAPETS Joint Care Support: When it comes to treating joint pain anti-inflammatory ingredients are a top priority. Though CBD is anti-inflammatory on its own, these CBD dog chews are packed with hemp extract (containing lots of Omega-3 and Omega-6), organic turmeric (which is well known to reduce general joint pain and pain associated with arthritis), hyaluronic acid (which is naturally produced in any animal body to help lubricate joints), glucosamine, and chondroitin (which are both meant to promote the health of cartilage within the body and joints). The ingredients stack up perfectly to create a more pain free life for your pet.



Mary’s Whole Pet Tincture: CBD is proven to ease symptoms of nausea and upset stomach in both animals and humans by binding to the 5-HT1A receptors of the endocannabinoid system. In fact, this reaction is so potent it can even stop vomiting. This tincture from Mary’s Whole Pet is a broad spectrum tincture, meaning it contains cannabinoids other than CBD (but not contain  THC). When used in conjunction with other cannabinoids, CBD products have the potential to create a more noticeable impact .

Cosmetic Care


BUDAPETS Dental Treats: Dental disease is often underestimated in both humans and pets. This is, in part, because it can be so hard to our pets  to sit still for a dental cleaning. These dental treats have a hard and firm texture that ensures an effective and clean removal of  plaque and tartar. In addition, the treats contain organic hemp extract with lots of fatty acids help to promote a more calm demeanor.


BUDAPETS Skin and Coat Support: If you’ve familiar with  skin, hair, and nail supplements for humans, you might be surprised to find out that the same idea exists for pets as well  – no shame in keeping a shiny, healthy coat, right? Similarly to human beauty supplements, these soft chews are packed with gamma-linolenic acid, Omega-3, and Omega-6 to promote eye, bone, joint, skin, and hair health. In addition, the EPA and DHA’s present in the compound help to improve cardiovascular function, cognitive function, the body’s ability to fight inflammation, and to help prevent skin conditions such as dermatitis.