Health & Wellness August 7, 2020

Adding CBD to your Weight & Dietary Management Routine

Pain is an inseparable part of weight training and fitness regimes. Some get used to it, while others give up because they cannot tolerate the strain and stress of working out regularly. CBD has recently emerged as a potential solution for those who quit their weight and dietary management routine due to the pain and pressure associated with it. Health professionals across the globe recommend obese people to drop weight in a natural way. This is where CBD products can be very useful when incorporated into the weight-loss regime.

Fitness enthusiasts are seen to use CBD products for its many therapeutic purposes. As the body experiences a lot of stress during a workout session, it can lead to wear and tear of the muscle tissues and cause injury and soreness. There are certain medications that can help to get some relief from the pain associated with workouts and exercising, but they often come with some side effects. This is where CBD proves to be a promising alternative.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally derived product that is usually diluted using a base oil such as avocado oil or coconut oil. Although it is extracted from hemp plants, CBD does not cause any psychoactive reactions or lead to any serious side effects. Moreover, CBD is found to be beneficial in maintaining homeostasis in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. This way, CBD helps to alleviate pain and inflammation, while assisting in many aspects of the overall physical and psychological well being.

CBD products are made from all-natural ingredients and do not contain any toxins. Studies have found CBD to be useful in managing digestion, heart functions, anxiety, and maintaining the overall health in many more ways. Below are some ways in which CBD can boost your weight training and fitness routine.

CBD Helps to Alleviate Pain

Experiencing pain during and after strength training and exercise is bound to happen. This indicates that your body is preparing for the change. Sometimes, the pain associated with workout can be very intolerable and difficult to manage. This happens because of the tears in the muscles, which become inflamed and aching to move or touch. That is why athletes and fitness enthusiasts often go for pain rehabilitation.

Strength training can cause numerous muscle tears, especially when you start. To address the problem, you can include CBD products in your weight and diet management regimen. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in alleviating muscle pain and soreness. You can take CBD oil pre-workout or apply CBD topicals post-exercise to the painful areas. CBD products like UrbanXtracts Peppermint Soothing Balm combine traditional soothing ingredients with CBD for extra strength. Both the methods of taking CBD are seen to be equally effective in managing pain related to working out.

CBD Can Help with Weight Loss

The WHO reports that more than 1.9 billion people around the globe are overweight. That is why you need to find a way to manage your health and weight cautiously. While reducing calorie intake and intermittent fasting is seen to be beneficial for some, people have always been on the lookout for more productive weight loss alternatives. One of the promising solutions to that, which came to the light recently, is using CBD products for weight loss.

CBD products can be used as an appetite suppressant as well as a dietary supplement. Being manufactured from organic components, CBD products are also deemed safer than taking weight loss pills. It is reported that CBD use leads to a faster metabolism and burning down of excessive body fat. These properties are essential for maintaining healthy and balanced body weight.

CBD Helps to Reduce Recovery Time

Regular exercise puts you at a greater risk of injuries, pain, and soreness. This is why recovery time is very important after every workout session to let the body adapt to the change and avoid the chances of an injury. This recovery time can be anywhere from 15 minutes to a good night’s sleep, while sometimes just a protein shake or Epsom salt bath will be enough. In any case, exercise recovery helps to tone the muscles, heal and repair the tissues, and help you relax. Products like 7NRG Post Workout CBD Chocolate Protein Shake are perfect for ensuring you get the most out of your workout.

Using CBD products is seen to promote the healing process of the body. When you indulge in strenuous workouts, your body creates stress hormones known as cortisol. This hormone slows down protein synthesis and new tissue growth. CBD contains anti-catabolic compounds that regulate the amount of cortisol in the body. This way, CBD helps to maintain protein synthesis and aid in faster muscle restoration. 

CBD Helps to Improve Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining the overall well being of a person. A good night’s sleep helps to relax the mind and restore the energy of the body. Without proper sleep, you are likely to feel lethargic, irritated, and drowsy during the daytime. Besides, lack of quality sleep can also slow down recovery time after exercise by forcing the body to produce excessive cortisol.

CBD is found to be very helpful in combating the underlying causes of sleeplessness and promote healthy and peaceful sleep. Studies say that taking CBD pills or CBD tincture before bedtime helps you to fall asleep faster and enjoy uninterrupted sleep all night long. This in turn allows you to experience better performance during and after your workout sessions, thereby helping you to achieve your fitness goals more effectively. CBD oil like Mitzva Good Night CBD + Terpenes Tincture is a simple way to enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD for sleep.

CBD Helps to Maintain Good Heart Health

If you are into cardio training, then you will need to ensure a good diet and weight loss regime to ensure good heart health. Regular exercise allows your heart to hold and pump more blood to the body, which helps to maintain cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. It also works to lower blood pressure. By incorporating CBD in your daily routine, you can ease the stress on the heart and ensure superior cardiovascular health.

CBD is seen to have vasorelaxant properties, which relax the blood vessels and reduce vascular tension. This helps to dilate the blood vessels when you are performing strenuous activities so that the blood circulation is maintained in the entire body. CBD is also seen to help with increasing stamina, which allows you to exercise for a long duration.

CBD Can Help to Reduce Anxiety

A serious weight loss routine can put on your body and mind under great pressure and lead to anxiety and stress. While some people know how to cope with the psychological pressure that comes with extensive training, others may struggle to keep their mental state balanced when they experience more strain during physical workout sessions. This is where including CBD in the fitness routine can be of great help. Oils like Nirvana Dr. Soul Balance Hemp Drops can keep you focused and relaxed while working out.

CBD is being studied as an alternative remedy for anxiety and depression, and studies have found promising results in how it helps to lower anxiety and stress. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to modulate serotonin levels in the body. At the same time, it also maintains the balance of the nervous system to deal with anxiety and its symptoms. This way, CBD can also help to manage anxiety-induced insomnia. 

CBD Helps to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Feeling stiffness or soreness in the muscles is very common after a strenuous workout routine. It also happens when you start a different exercise routine or high-intensity weight training. Muscle soreness happens when excessive lactic acid is produced in the body, which makes it difficult to continue with your usual schedules. CBD can help to ease muscle soreness by offsetting the actions of lactic acid. CBD is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to alleviate pain and inflammation, as well as reduce muscle spasms.

You can apply CBD topicals to the sore areas after exercise to recover quickly and maintain the energy to follow the weight and fitness routine. Alternatively, you can include CBD oil in your diet to keep your weight loss targets on track. CBD is also known to help with stimulating metabolism, but you will need to stay away from CBD-infused sugary treats and edibles because that can lead to weight gain due to their high sugar content.

Aside from these benefits, CBD is also known to manage insulin sensitivity, which prevents excess fat buildup in the muscles. However, every individual reacts differently to the use of CBD. There is no recommended dosage for reaping the potential health benefits of CBD either. Therefore, you will need to find your own dosage to boost your workout routine. You should also buy from reliable brands to make sure that you do not buy poor quality CBD products, which may not help you with your diet and fitness goals.