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7NRG is one of the most sought after brands in the domain of sport supplements, that combine traditional supplements infused with broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD). 7NRG are the world’s first sport nutrition range that contain CBD infused energy and protein powders and is fully recyclable. The CBD that is used by the company is water soluble and also has absolutely no psychoactive THC. The 7NRG product range has been specifically designed to give the sports persons more endurance power, especially during their rigorous training sessions. Their products also facilitate faster recovery after workout sessions.

7NRG believes in offering convenient on-the-go solutions for athletes, while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. As such, the 7NRG products come in patented packaging made from fully recyclable plastic.

7NRG is also working towards increasing awareness about the use of cannabinoids, especially by sports persons and fitness enthusiasts. And, in an effort to reach out to more people and spread awareness about the miraculous benefits of CBD, the 7NRG team has created an innovative seven point approach. Accordingly, all of 7NRG products are developed with complete focus on performance, recovery, nutrition, wellbeing, psychology, physiology and the body’s endocannabinoid system.

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