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Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Bloom Farms is built on the belief that cannabis can enhance a fulfilling life full of relaxation, relief, creativity and fun.

Bloom Farms CBD products are crafted in the USA from the finest American hemp and grown by farmers who align with the company’s views on the plant, their neighbors and the environment. Along the way, they have set out to change the conversation around cannabis by promoting the positive, healthy lifestyle of responsible consumers.

Founder Michael Ray’s personal commitment to giving back is evident in the company’s 1-for-1 program, which pledges that for every product sold, one healthy meal will be donated to a food-insecure family or individual. (They recently surpassed 2 million meals donated through their food bank partners!)

Uncompromising standards, inspiring core values and remarkable customer service combine with an unwavering dedication to community to position Bloom Farms as one of the most trusted cannabis brands in the world.
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