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Elevarx offers a unique line of CBD products that are fast acting as well as safer than CBD products from any other brand. The company has developed a unique cutting-edge nanotechnology system that breakdown the CBD particles to a size below 50 nanometers, which helps in creating a strong and effective water soluble CBD product and increases its bioavailability.

Most CBD products available today are usually mixed with heavy oils which only break down after reaching the liver. As a result, the absorption of CBD is much slower and the liver is also put through a lot of unwanted stress in breaking down all the heavy oils. However, owing to the cutting edge nanotechnology system used in making the Elevarx products, the bioavailability of CBD increases and it is absorbed into the bloodstream in less than 10 minutes.

Also, not only are Elevarx’ products innovative, they are also the best in terms of purity and effectiveness. Their complete product range is third party lab tested for purity so customers can rest assured that all of their CBD products are THC free and also do not contain any kinds of heavy metals, pesticides or microbes.

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