Pets April 22, 2020

Here’s Why CBD Could Help Your Dog with Pain Relief

Watching your furry friend deal with chronic pain can be, well, painful, especially when the medications available for use often come with a slew of not-so-friendly side effects. Thankfully, that’s where CBD comes in. There are a vast number of studies that show CBD can be massively helpful in reducing  joint pain, and further studies show it can slow down the progression of arthritis. Whether your pup is dealing with full blown arthritis, showing early onset symptoms of arthritis, or is simply experiencing  weakened joints, keep reading to learn more about why joint pain is so common in dogs and what you can do to remedy it.

Most Common Causes of Pain

Just as human arthritis is common as you age, canine arthritis is also very common. So much so that there are some estimates that claim arthritis affects every 1 in 4 dogs. When we talk arthritis, though, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a blanket statement for an umbrella of different degenerative joint diseases. That being said, osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in dogs which is caused by degrading cartilage in the joints. As the cartilage deteriorates, bones within the joint become more exposed and begin to rub directly on one another. This causes incredibly painful movements, limping, and stiffness, to name a few symptoms. Some signs to look out for that might indicate that your dog is dealing with a form of arthritis are limping, reluctance to go on walks or play, generally slower movements (especially when lying down or standing up), and in some cases, excessive panting. Since your pet cannot communicate to you whether or not they are in pain, stay alert for general behavioral changes such as increased or decreased aggression, change in appetite, or even a change in sleep patterns. Any of these can be early signs that your dog is experiencing pain.

Is CBD Safe for My Dog?

The short answer is yes, it is 100% safe for dogs to use CBD, especially in lower doses. CBD contains very little (less than .3%) THC, if at all, so there is no concern for your pet experiencing psychoactive effects. When it comes to how helpful CBD can be for your pet’s pain, a study conducted at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine used 2mg of CBD and a  daily placebo  to study the effect of CBD on dogs with osteoarthritis. What they found was that dogs who were given 2mg of CBD twice a day experience significant decrease in pain caused by arthritis – that’s right, only 4mg a day could make a world of difference to your pet, and you don’t need to worry about overdosing.

Best Products


BUDAPETS Joint Care Soft Chews: These soft chew from BUDAPETS are a fantastic option if your dog is showing signs of joint pain. Not only is it formulated with organic hemp extract, which contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to lubricate joints, but it also contains organic turmeric to help further promote anti-inflammatory properties, green-lipped mussel which contains hyaluronic acid to further lubricate and hydrate the inner joint, and glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which help to improve and support the health of cartilage in the joint. All of these compounds working together help to improve your pet’s mobility, flexibility, and general well-being.


MedTerra 750mg CBD Chicken Flavored Tincture: Tinctures can be hard to give to pets, especially when the taste and smell of CBD can be considered highly off-putting to their heightened senses. Thankfully, this tincture is chicken flavored (and is also available in beef flavor) making it easy to  trick your pet into taking their recommended daily dosage without hassle. Because CBD works best when ingested with an oil, this blend contains MCT oil to further promote the overall health and wellness of your pet.


Mary’s Whole Pet Buddy Balm: This product acts just like a CBD muscle salve for humans but is designed for your  pets instead. This balm has 75mg of 100% THC free CBD and is easy to apply to help address skin issues and inflammation your pet may be experiencing. Whether your buddy suffers from dry and cracked skin and nose, rough paws, surface wounds, or joint pain, applying some of this to the affected area will help to soothe and heal the problem before you know it.


MedTerra Joint Health Soft Chews: These peanut butter flavored soft chews are perfect for a pet who’s picky or sensitive to the terpene heavy taste and smell of most other CBD dog treats. These chews contain incredibly pure CBD but are also mixed with a number of other ingredients in order to further promote joint health. Glucosamine and chondroitin lubricate the joint while vitamin E, safflower oil, and glycerin, help hydrate your pet from the inside out. These active ingredients ultimately add lubrication back into stiff and painful joints.


LuxVite 500mg CBD Oil Tincture for Pets: This full spectrum tincture for pets is a great choice simply because it is full spectrum product. Full spectrum refers to the small amounts of mixed cannabinoids  present in the product. This means THC is present, but only in the low, low dose we discussed before (less than .3%). With all cannabinoids present, CBD oftentimes works more effectively, due to what some refer to as an “entourage effect,” meaning they work beneficially with one another.