Beauty April 22, 2020

How CBD is Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

Thanks to CBD, cannabis is getting a glow-up. With laws loosening around the production of industrial hemp around the country, many have turned towards the emerging science and medical claims associated with CBD and infusing it into the luxurious beauty industry marketplace. Celebs are talking about it and using CBD oil and other products, while high-end cannabis boutique lifestyle shops are starting to appear in the mainstream market. 

You’ve probably seen products touting infusion of CBD or hemp from mascara, to face masks, to intimate lubricant! But what does it all mean and what can these products actually do for you?

CBD Beauty Products: Can They Get You High?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. The compound responsible for the “high” that cannabis is known for is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. CBD is normally extracted from industrial hemp which contains at most 0.3% THC in the entirety of the plant. Marijuana and CBD often get conflated, but any and all skincare and cosmetic CBD products have no chance of affecting you the way THC does.  

CBD Beauty Benefits

As studies are being conducted on the health benefits of CBD, research thus far has shown promising uses for CBD in the treatment of various ailments alongside its growing potential for usage in beauty products. 

Cannabidiol is also being looked at for its role in improving the function of our circulatory systems. When our bodies suffer from poor circulation our bodies can fall victim to health issues such as decreased skin cell regeneration, accelerated aging, skin discoloration, and high blood pressure. 

Why is CBD in everything?

There’s a lot of enticing attributes when it comes to topical application of CBD, which is why it’s appearing in face creams, serums, and lotions all over store shelves. Scientists are starting to find evidence of CBD’s anti-inflammation properties and how it can be used in the treatment of conditions like psoriasis, dry skin, acne, and eczema. When it comes to keeping up great skin, stopping inflammation is the first step towards your fresh face goals.

A 2014 study found that CBD could also have the potential in controlling and regulating oil production to help us suppress breakouts. If you’re someone who has been suffering from acne for a long time then you know that there haven’t been too many new treatments out there to help control it. If CBD has the potential to regulate oil production and control inflammation then we might just have a gamechanger on our hands!

Skin doctors and aestheticians love the fact that they have another tool on their belt that lets them avoid using steroids. Conditions that may have normally been treated with retinoids, which usually makes your skin worse before it gets better, can now move in an alternative direction with CBD.

Not only that but the analgesic properties of CBD have been used for balms and salves for achy joints and sore muscles. But if we’re taking CBD through its beauty journey then slipping CBD into massage oil is the next natural step to boosting a boutique spa experience.

Types of CBD beauty products

When it comes to its use as a wellness product and supplement, many have taken to CBD capsules or oils. These products claim to help augment and balance our body’s systems and encourage regulation of our appetite and mood. They’re often infused with other nutrients and antioxidants and can be taken sublingually or in a pill/capsule form.

CBD face masks are also starting to make their way onto the market and can come in the form of a sheet mask or other peel-off mask. Along with a blend of other moisturizing ingredients, these masks are infused with CBD to help skin maintain and natural glow and help soothe redness while increasing collagen production. 

You may also stumble across more unique products like CBD bath bombs. Much like other fizzy bath bombs, CBD bath bombs are infused with CBD and other essential oils and scents. This type of product can be used after a long day to help create a soak that helps soothe cramps and other aching muscles while allowing you to relax.