Lifestyle April 22, 2020

Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time again, the most wonderful time of the year! Amongst all of the holiday festivities shopping for everyone in your life can become a little overwhelming (if you’re feeling particularly stressed we recommend a few drops of a CBD tincture under the tongue). Thankfully we’re here to help, show you that CBD products can make the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Whether they consider themselves to be a regular cannabis consumer or not, take a look at our top picks below

CBD for the Beginner

CBD4You Sour Worm Hemp Gummies contain 500mg of hemp extract while containing no THC, making it a great option for those who are new to CBD.

CBD4YOU Hemp Gummies Sour Worm – For someone who’s never tried CBD, candies (similar to the classics they grew up with) are always a good start. Since the taste of most terpenes are overpowered by the candy itself, they’ll likely wonder if any cannabis is present at all. These low dose gummies are a good way for someone to become familiar with their tolerance levels as well as the general effect of CBD to gauge if it really is for them.


Canniant CBD Soothing Lotion – If the newbie in your life is hesitant about ingesting CBD, introduce them to topicals. This CBD infused lotion from Canniant is a great place to start. While this won’t help with anxiety or sleep troubles, it will nourish their skin unlike any lotion they’ve tried before.


Dr. Soul Daily Hemp Drops – For a beginner, tinctures may seem more advanced or even intimidating. Thankfully, this tincture is easy to use and contains monk fruit extract, a zero calorie sweetener, that hides the potent flavor of any terpenes. At 400mg, this tincture is a great starting dose for anyone still looking to explore their ideal dosage. To top it off, it also contains vitamin E oil which is great for healthy skin and nails, vitamin C, which delivers tons of antioxidants while boosting your overall immunity, and vitamin D to support teeth, bone, and brain health. Overall, this should help ease inflammation, muscle pain, and skin irritation to name a few.

CBD For the Athlete

LuxViteCBD Salve with Lavender and Eucalyptus: Nothing plagues an athlete more than sore muscles and joints. This holiday season put relief at the top of their list. Surprise them with this incredibly fast working product by LuxVite and they’ll be hooked. With CBD to calm inflamed muscles and ease pain and eucalyptus to address the exact same concerns, this balm is a one-two punch to any muscle pain. The lavender essential oil makes a great added bonus of aromatherapy.


7NRG Post-Workout CBD Chocolate Protein: It’s no secret that most athletes consume protein in order to get the most out of their workout. Why not try a CBD infused option? It’s perfect for the overly stressed athlete or even someone recovering from an injury. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient to help soothe pain related to working out.

CBD For Parents

Infuse your mornings you CBD by using Canniant Premium Ground CBD infused coffee with 2.5mg of CBD per serving.

Canniant Premium Ground CBD Coffee 200g: There is nothing parents love more than a regular morning cup of joe. Make it even better with Canniant’s Ground CBD Coffee! If your parents are skeptical, as they may be, remind them that by adding a low dose of CBD to their daily coffee they’re encouraging jitter-free energy bursts.

Mary's Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Hemp Patch contains 10mg of activated hemp extract for soothing sore joints and muscles in problem areas.

MARY’s Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Patch: This transdermal patch is one of the easiest ways to convince a parent to try CBD. Seeing as it’s not a product you ingest, older generations who may be warier of CBD find it to be a far more comfortable option. It works by allowing CBD to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin, meaning the effects are as potent as ever, but your parents won’t feel like they’re ingesting cannabis in a way they’re not comfortable with.

CBD For the Night Owl

CBD Softgels with Melatonin: It’s been argued that CBD can be helpful when it comes to sleep patterns and cycles but melatonin has been known to do so for years. In fact, melatonin is the most popular over-the-counter sleep aid in the country. If you know someone with not-so-great sleeping habits who has seemingly tried all possible remedies, gift them this power duo, proven to support healthy and regular sleep patterns as well as more sound REM patterns.


Dr. Soul Noontropic Energy: Nootropics are another up and coming wellness trend following quickly behind CBD. Nootropics are a class of herbs and adaptogens that aim to increase energy and brain function without causing any jitters or a crash in energy. With this product, these two powerhouse ingredients are combined to help bring you a healthy dose of energy all the while relaxing the mind and body.

CBD For the Foodie

CBD4You Peach Ring Hemp Gummies contain 500mg of hemp extract while containing no THC, making it a great option for those who are new to CBD.

CBD4YOU Peach Ring Gummies: If you or someone you know is a foodie, chances are they’re always looking for a good snack. CBD4YOU Peach Ring Gummies are the perfect treat for any foodie or CBD lover. They emulate the exact flavor and texture of a childhood favorite while providing the added effect of CBD to help relax the mind. Pop a few candies before a big event or when it’s time to go to bed.


Magical Butter Decarbox and thermometer allows you to precisely bake your herbs for maximum potency in your cannabutter journey.
MagicalButter DecarBox Thermometer Combo: While many foodies enjoy a good meal out, many of them also enjoy being savvy and experimental in the kitchen. It would stand to reason that something as interesting as a decarboxylator would make the perfect gift. Meant to help perfect the art of cooking with cannabis in any form, it helps to activate the cannabinoids inside the product and, in turn, yield better results from any CBD or cannabinoid recipe.

CBD For the Workaholic

Canniant CBD-infused coffee pods are a great way to incorporate your daily dose of CBD in the morning without breaking your routine.
Canniant Nespresso Compatible Pods: People with unstoppable work habits can be hard to purchase for, but this season, gift them something they can enjoy and share with their whole office. Combining CBD with coffee helps to ensure less jittery energy. That means a whole lot less snapping at aggravating coworkers.


CBD For the Pet Lover

Luxvite CBD dog treats are 2mg of THC-Free hemp extract in each dog treat.

CBD Dog Treats – Beef Flavor: If your pet is new to the use of CBD or is known to dislike the taste of terpenes, treat them with these beef-flavored treats from LuxVite Naturals. While some CBD products require a small dose of THC for balance these treats are 100% free of THC. That means you don’t have to worry about any psychoactive effect altering your furry friend.


Medterra Pets 300mg CBD tincture is unflavored for pets who need added relief from joint pain, seizures, or general aging symptoms.

MedTerra Pet 300mg Unflavored Tincture: Pet CBD has seen a serious increase in popularity over the years. However, there is one universal problem. Pets aren’t attuned to the smell of terpenes that cannabis products carry which can make giving your pet CBD a feat of its own. With this unflavored tincture, the smells and tastes of terpenes shouldn’t be a deterrent.


CBD For the Beauty Connoisseur


Canniant CBD Soothing Lotion is perfect for dry and cracked skin as well as sore joints or muscles.

Canniant CBD Soothing Lotion Minted Lavender: As any beauty-savvy person will tell you, daily hydration is the key to youthful-looking skin. Upgrade their daily routine by gifting this CBD infused lotion – in the winter season the CBD will help to relieve skin irritation and redness and deliver a deeper dose of hydration as a result of the high amounts of fatty omega vitamins.

Medterra CBD Manuka Cream Salve contains 250mg of high-quality hemp extract to help sooth sore muscles and joints.

MedTerra CBD Manuka Healing Salve: Manuka honey is a popular high quality product that claims to help boost overall skin health and boasts such features as improved hydration, natural acne treatment and free radical damage reduction. It stands to reason that any beauty obsessed friend is sure to know (and crave) the benefits of an ingredient like this. Combine that with the healing powers of CBD and you have yourself a power duo. However, there are even more benefits to the recipe of ingredients contained in this product. Other high quality ingredients include aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, and sea buckthorn oil. All of these products makes the perfect winter time cream.


Mary's Nutritionals Boost Bath Bomb is infused with 50mg of hemp extract in order to soothe and relax sore muscles with invigorating citrus scent.
MARY’s Nutritionals Boost Bath Bomb: If there’s anything a beauty aficionado lusts after it’s a hot bath with a relaxing bath bomb to boot. This bath bomb from MARY’s helps to elevate your mood with uplifting oils such as sweet almond oil and concentrated lemongrass. This bath bomb also promotes overall healthier skin as it contains vitamin A for cellular turnover, vitamin C for creating radiant skin, and vitamin E for deep hydration and anti-aging properties. To top it off, the added bonus of 50mg of hemp extract lends to soothing irritated skin and relieving sore muscles.