MITZVA™ Kosher Wellness – 300mg CBD Balm – 2oz/60mL



The Balm by Mitzva Wellness, at 2oz/60mL is small, but oh so mighty! 300mg of Colorado grown hemp derived CBD is enhanced with all natural organic terpenes, brought to you by nature itself.

How to use?

Suggested use: apply liberally to affected area as needed


Advanced pain relief – anti inflammatory -zero THC- 100 % natural -cruelty free

Topical creams, body butters, and balms are the preferred way to deliver a focused, potent CBD therapy directly to the site of pain, skin irritation, and joint inflammation. Since CBD rapidly absorbs through permeable layers of the skin and is not subject to digestive metabolic processes, the effects can be faster-acting than sublingual oils and provide a more direct site contact.

The Balm is not intended to be a full body lotion (though you may use it as such). It is a highly potent salve created to provide relief for specific areas of need.

It’s no wonder it called, The Balm!

All of our CBD topicals are third-party tested for potency, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Our testing process ensures we offer a product that is natural, safe, and consistent. All test results are available under Lab Tests.

We encourage our customers to talk to their doctor about CBD to learn more about the correct serving sizes and benefits.

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Castor seed oil, organic coconut oil, yellow beeswax, organic jojoba  seed, 300mg organically grown c02 extracted hemp CBD isolate, lavender, active terpenes:

  • Camphene- anti-fungal
  • Eucalyptol- anti-inflammatory
  • Bisabolol- anti microbial, anti-inflammatory
  • Linalool- anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, chronic pain
  • Myrecene- anti-inflammatory (enhanced with CBD) properties, analgesic , anti-biotic. Pain reducer and mild sedative.
  • Limonene- anti-anxiety, anti-depressant
  • A pinene- anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial
  • B pinene-, anti-septic – and a bronchodilator
  • D carene- anti-inflammatory, memory enhancer, bone strength
  • Terpinolene- anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer agents
  • G terpinene- anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
  • Nerilidol- anti-oxidant, anti fungal, anticancer, and anti-microbial activity
  • B Caryophyllene- pain relief, anti-inflammatory


CBD or cannabidiol is one of the 60 cannabinoids found in the plants of the cannabis species. After THC, CBD is the next most abundantly found cannabinoid in the plants of the Cannabis species.

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is one of the primary phytocannabinoid compounds found within cannabis. All in all, there are 113 compounds contained within the plant, but cannabidiol is the second most abundant. There is a common misconception that CBD oil and CBD can cause you to be inebriated; this is far from the truth, however. A product must contain a high enough concentration of THC in order to impart any psychotropic effects. Instead, CBD is able to provide healthful benefits without worry.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol which is the primary compound found in the marijuana plant. This is the compound in marijuana which gives you a psychoactive high. When it comes to plant production there are different varieties of the same species of cannabis that yield different results. Some types product high amounts of THC which is classified as the drug type while other varieties produce high amounts of CBD with trace amounts of THC. These are the plants that CBD oil is derived from.

Marijuana and hemp are two different species of Cannabis sativa and have been developed bred for different intentions. Hemp is always Cannabis sativa while marijuana can be either Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica. Hemp has more industrial application in addition to CBD oil production. The hemp plant is often leggy and fibrous with long stalks and as few buds as possible whereas marijuana has been bred to be comprised predominantly of buds containing the highest concentration of THC possible

Since CBD is derived from hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC, it is legal at the federal level according to the Farm Bill passed in 2018. Aside from federal legislation, legalization that relates to the growing of hemp varies from state to state. In Idaho CBD products are considered legal if they contain zero percent THC. Due to federal law most states have rendered it legal to own CBD with South Dakota and Nebraska being the exceptions.

Choice of consumption is totally up to you! CBD can be delivered orally, sublingually, topically, or through inhaling vapor. Vaporization has the highest rate of absorption, with sublingual delivery being the second most effective and digestion being the third. Transdermal application is best for localized pain as it can be applied directly to the problem area.

New studies are emerging everyday that show that CBD can aid in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, certain forms of cancer, cancer prevention, epilepsy, depression, PTSD, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, anorexia, arthritis, asthma, Tourette’s syndrome, obesity, nausea, inflammation, Hungtington’s disease, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, cardiovascular disorders, and more. As a whole CBD helps to promote overall wellness when administered daily.

Extraction of CBD has evolved greatly over the years. Many distributors now choose to opt for a CO2 extraction process that mitigates any risk associated with butane or ethanol extraction. This method of processing CBD avoids any possibility of contaminants left after the extraction, however, it’s downside is that it leaves less terpenes than other extraction methods.

We recommend always exhibiting caution when combining CBD dosage with any other medications. Specifically, doctors recommend avoiding eating grapefruit before or after application of CBD as it can have a mitigating or amplifying effect on blood levels.

Although most drug tests specialize in identifying THC if the CBD product you’re utilizing contains trace amounts of THC it is still possible to show up on a drug test. Whether you’ve experienced psychoactive effects from the trace THC is irrelevant.

When consuming CBD quality is a top priority. We find distributors that are growing the highest quality organic hemp under FDA certified conditions. It’s possible for a crop or product to contain trace pesticides and insecticides which is not something anyone wants to intentionally ingest. On our marketplace we curate high quality and trustworthy brands all under one roof.

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