Pets July 7, 2020

Tips for Introducing CBD into your Pet’s Daily Routine

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous health benefits. However, it is not just good for people; CBD can also benefit pets in many ways. CBD for pets is explored more and more these days as the CBD market is expanding. Pet owners are looking to discover the benefits of CBD for dogs and cats around the world. It is even reported that the CBD for pets market will grow to up to $125 million within a couple of years.

There are several CBD products for pets out there, such as CBD pet tinctures, CBD-infused pet treats, and CBD topicals for cats and dogs. However, it is very important to know how to safely incorporate CBD into your pet’s daily routine to make the most of it. Below are some tips to help you introduce CBD to your pet effectively.

Consult with your Vet

You should always talk to your vet before introducing any new product or supplement to your pet’s daily regimen. This will help you to find the answers to any questions that you may have about CBD administration. Besides, your vet will also examine your pet’s health, review any other medications they are on, and devise a good plan to incorporate CBD into their regular routine. Your vet will also advise you on the right CBD dosage for your pet.

Start with Low CBD Dosages

It is generally recommended to start with low doses when you introduce CBD to your pet and analyze the effects it has on them. For instance, you can start with 1 mg of CBD per 10 lbs of your pet’s body weight two times a day and follow that routine for a couple of weeks. Carefully monitor the reaction and then adjust the dosage accordingly for better results. Starting low and slow also helps to minimize any potential side effects of CBD use. For a low dosage CBD pet tincture, we recommend Hill City Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil for an easy oral CBD solution for your pets that comes with a measured dropper.

Let your Pet Sniff CBD

If you are planning to introduce CBD to your dog’s regime, let your canine sniff the product. Dogs have millions of olfactory receptors in their noses, which allow them to discover a lot of information about the things they sniff. Put a few drops of CBD oil on the feeding bowl or let your pet sniff the CBD treats you are planning to incorporate in their routine. Your dog may not get too excited about the scent because CBD is a plant-derived product, but it will still give you an idea of their first reactions to the product. Does your pet not enjoy the scent of your pet CBD tincture?  At Greeny, we recommend incorporating a premium grade CBD dog treat like Luxvite CBD Dog Treats for an easy treat that your dog will love.

Luxvite CBD dog treats are 2mg of THC-Free hemp extract in each dog treat.

Mix CBD with Pet Food

The easiest way to include CBD into your pet’s daily routine is by mixing it with your pet’s food. CBD oils and tinctures can be easily mixed with wet or dry pet food. This makes it easy to administer CBD for pets in case they are reluctant to try the product. Yet if your pet does not get anxious about the CBD product during the sniff test, then it will be more convenient to use CBD-infused pet treats. However, using CBD oil will be simpler to measure the dosages correctly.

Find the Right Time to Give CBD

Dinner is one of the best times to give CBD to your pet. You will always want to pamper your pet with as much support as possible, which includes offering quality food with ingredients that will benefit their overall quality of life. Adding CBD to their meals will further make it more beneficial to their health. This will also offer an enjoyable experience to your pet as the CBD oil digests and gets infused with the bloodstream gradually. Moreover, giving CBD at dinnertime will also help your pet to transition into the new regime effectively.

Another good way to give CBD oil or CBD treats to your pets is after exercise or play. Most of the time, pets play harder than we do, which means that it can eventually lead to injury, soreness, or aching joints as they age. Introducing CBD to your pet’s daily exercise or play routine will help to ensure that they recover faster and more comfortably after hard bouts of physical workout. This will ensure proper care for your pets and make certain that they remain as active and joyous as possible.

You can also incorporate CBD treats into your pet’s training schedule. As CBD can be beneficial to boost memory and cognitive functions, it works to provide better results when you are training your pet. CBD-infused treats can also improve their focus and sense of calm, which can be great for easily distracted pets. You can give CBD treats to your pets as a training reward; just make sure to check the CBD concentration in the treats so that you can manage the planned daily dosage appropriately.

Giving CBD to your pet after bath time is also a good way to incorporate CBD into your pet’s regular regime. It can be especially helpful for pets who do not enjoy being bathed and do not cooperate with you. Giving them CBD-infused treats can be an incentive for your pets and will help them to be compliant with the routine. For pets that love playing in the bathtub too much and often make a mess, the incentive of CBD treats will make them more likely to behave well.

You can also use topical CBD products for giving a therapeutic massage to your pet. This can be more beneficial when your pet has irritated skin or is suffering from joint ailments. CBD topicals can help to boost the immunity and recovery functions of your pet as the cannabinoid compound gets absorbed deep into the skin. A therapeutic massage with CBD will also help to increase your pet’s blood circulation, and give a more calm and soothing effect. You can also apply CBD topicals on the aching joints of your pets after a play session or other strenuous activity. One of our favorite topical pet products is Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Gel Pen for Pets. This unique product is placed in the inner flap of your pet’s ear for fast absorption into the bloodstream.

Giving CBD to Pets before Bed

Bedtime CBD administration can also be a wise choice. Pets usually have an irregular sleeping schedule that depends upon their daily activities. For instance, if they follow a good play and exercise routine every day, then your pets will sleep less during the daytime and more during the nighttime. Yet if they do not follow an active lifestyle, then your pets will likely sleep more during the daytime, which will affect their night’s sleep schedule. This could eventually lead to discomfort, restlessness, and an array of other health problems for your pet.

It is seen that most CBD users take their daily dose of CBD oil or tincture at night because it gives them to sleep better. This applies to pets as well. Giving them CBD before bedtime will help to relax their mind, limit the distractions, and let them enjoy their sleep. CBD for pets is completely safe when administered in the right dosages, so you do not need to worry that its use would cause any harm to your pet during nighttime either.

Using CBD oils is usually recommended at nighttime because of their ease of use. The CBD concentration in the product will get absorbed in the bloodstream quickly and show promising results faster than using CBD treats at night. That is because digestion usually becomes a little slower during sleep. Besides, giving CBD-infused treats before bed may also reduce the influence of getting them as a reward after training or bathing. You can also use CBD topicals and apply it to the sore areas and joints before your pet falls asleep.

Tips to Buy Quality CBD Products for Pets

You can find a lot of different brands marketing CBD products for pets out there. Yet the vast pool of products and brands may make buying CBD for pets a little confusing. Therefore, you need to consider a few things when you buy CBD products for your pet.

  • Check the product label: The CBD product should have clear labeling stating the quality and concentration of cannabinoid compounds in it.
  • Check the Certificate of Analysis: This refers to the laboratory testing report of the CBD product detailing that the product is safe for pets.
  • Check the quality: The method of CBD oil emulsification will greatly affect its quality and potency. Nano-sized emulsion ensures the best absorption.
  • Check the price: A significantly lower price can be a red flag for CBD products and could mean that the manufacturer may be cutting corners on the quality or concentration of CBD in the product.
  • Check the THC content: CBD products are generally free from THC. However, you need to make certain that you buy a product with zero detectable THC for excellent results.